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Aberdeen has extensive experience producing insert molded components and devices for the electronics/electrical and telecommunications industries, especially molded cables and connectors. Multiple book molds mounted on rotary table molding machines allow large quantities of parts to be produced in an efficient and cost effective manner. Short runs can also be accomplished economically by utilizing a single mold and oscillating the rotary table forward and reverse. Aberdeen typically builds molds within a 6” x 6” size range for these applications, and by using book molds, all 12 table positions can potentially have a mold mounted at each station. When molds are not in use, they simply index on by the clamp/inject station. Molds which are in use at any given time are selected on the main controller to stop and go through all of the molding functions.

Common industries that utilize such cables include medical sectors, aerospace/defense, telecommunications, consumer goods (such as computer parts), and automotive. 


The main advantage to this system is the drastic reduction in setup time, especially for short runs. Molds can be put in and taken out of service by the simple push of a button. And since the controller has multiple recipe storage functions, set up is just as simple. There is no other system available which makes it easier and more cost effective to mold cables than the one Aberdeen employs. This is critically important because cable molding and connector manufacturing remains a challenge for US manufacturers who face offshore pricing pressures. 


Cable over molding is especially well suited for the insert molding process. Benefits include eliminating costly frames and housings that must be assembled by hand. In the systems we utilize the entire profile of the cable body, including the strain relief, can be produced in one step called cable over molding. With Aberdeen’s book molding systems our customers receive the benefits of multiple station molding which reduces both cycle times and setup/changeover. Finished parts cure during the cable molding stage while molds index around a programmable rotary table, again, allowing stations to be added or removed from the production mix with the push of a button. Family molds can also easily be accommodated using the book mold/rotary table method.


In some cases there may be one type of connector molded at one end of a cable, and a different type also molded at the other end of the cable. Placing one mold of each type opposite one another on the press allows this to take place in one cycle, even if the molding parameters for each end are drastically different. We have even molded complex assemblies with 5 or 6 different connectors on one harness, all done together as one product run.

Insert Molding - Aberdeen Technologies
Insert Molding - Aberdeen Technologies
Insert Molding - Aberdeen Technologies
Insert Molding - Aberdeen Technologies

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