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Post by Jun 13, 2018 12:00:00 AM · 1 min read

Blog by John Schmitz, President of Aberdeen Technologies, Inc

Along with molding connectors and wire harnesses, the company I previously worked for also specialized in manufacturing electrical coils. The founder of that company, DhuAine Davis, was a pioneer in designing coils for a variety of newly emerging industries. Most companies at that time would wind fine magnet wire around a bobbin, solder wire leads or terminals to the exposed ends, then tape the exposed leads or terminals in place to secure the assembly.

Mr. Davis decided to use insert molding technology to completely encapsulate the windings into a hermetically sealed unit which would withstand harsh environments and operating conditions without being damaged. At the same time I was hired to run the insert molding equipment, a young man named Bill Walter was hired to start building molds in the tool shop. Bill helped manufacture multiple book molds used to encapsulate various size coils out of nylon molding resin. Because the windings were very delicate, the insert molding process had to be carefully controlled to keep the fine wire from breaking during molding. Soon the process was perfected and adapted to manufacture coils for washing machines, typewriters, hydraulic solenoids and cow milking machines as well as various other applications.

Bill and I continued working together over the years and today he designs and supervises the construction of all molds in our Aberdeen mold shop. He is the world’s foremost expert on book molds and will give his personal attention to any projects you decide to bring our way. Aberdeen offers single source project management for design, fabrication, testing, process development and full scale production from start to finish for all your molding needs.


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